1.    Know what you want.  Pursue what you need.  Realize what you ought.  Attain what you desire.

2.    The road to failure is wide; to mediocrity, smooth; to success, bumpy; to genius, narrow; and to greatness, steep.

3.    Avoid scoffers. Ignore doubters. Reject mockers. Surprise detractors.

4.    Look around your competitors and learn from them. Look within for your talents and exploit them. Look back at your failures and learn from them. Look forward to your successes and reach for them.

5.    Strength has two arms to reach for success, skill has ten, wisdom has a hundred, faith has a thousand, and God has infinite arms to reach for success.

6.    Your mind can help you do the unimaginable. Your hands can help you get the unattainable. Your heart can help you accomplish the unachievable. Your soul can help you create the inconceivable. Your God can help you achieve the unthinkable.

7.    Be practical, be skillful, be teachable, and you will be successful.

8.    Set goals, pursue them, achieve them, and then surpass them.

9.    A rose started off a bud, a bird started off an egg, and a forest started off a seed.

10.  To be profitable, practice diligence. To be successful, practice excellence. To be influential, practical intelligence. To be honorable, practice prudence.

11.   When success is one thought away, think it; when one word away, speak it; when one deed away, perform it; when one step away, take it; and when one moment away, seize it.

12.   Believe in yourself. Carve your own path. Build your own dreams. Be your own hero.

13.   Stand up.  Stand out.  Stand firm.  Stand strong.

14.   Leave no stone unturned and you will leave no reward unearned.

15.   The more you water a plant, the faster it grows; likewise, the more you water your dreams, the quicker they come to life.

In the presence of the sun nobody sees the stars;
excel, and you too will eclipse your competition.

~Matshona Dhliwayo